Senator Criticizes Coburn For Holding Up Hurricane Bill

According to an article on, Senator Mary Landrieu (D) Louisiana, sent Coburn a letter voicing her disappointment in Coburn placing a hold on legislation to reauthorize payments to build levees Gulf of Mexico and flood control systems.

In this article, the first paragraph summarizes the article. The shocking thing to me is that the next three papagraphs in the articles are about how disappointed Landrieu is with Coburn and an explanation as to why the re-authorization is needed and the the last paragraph, which is a sentence, tell Coburns side of the story. He is holding the bill because new earmark (pork) were added to the bill and he has not been Corburn could not get a good cost estimate for the project.

Katrina was a terrible disaster, but there has already been a huge waste of tax dollars and Sen. Corburn is only trying to make sure tax dollars are spent on only necessary. What is wrong with that. We need more people in Congress like Tom Coburn, people that look out for the tax payers first and not special interests. GREAT JOB TOM!!!



Muslim Kicked out for being Anti-Jihad

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Winter Wonderland

I think it is funny that, last week, all of the local weather casts were presenting there winter weather outlook for the season. Everyone of them said Northeastern Oklahoma will be slightly wetter than normal but the snow fall amount will be right about average (10″ for the season for the Tulsa Area).

Well, I am here to tell you, Tulsa received 10″ of snow in one day. That was record for one day snow and a record for the month of November. I live about 35 miles south of downtown Tulsa and we received about an inch of ice and about six inches of snow.

Now I suppose it will not snow for the rest of the season since we have reached our normal snowfall amount for the season. But wait!!! It is still technically Fall, so I guess we should be alright and the weather guys were technically not wrong (so far).

Record November Snow

Campaign 2008

Get ready for a rumble folks. Campaign 2008 looks to be a very interesting campaign. As it stands now, because it is so early, their is no clear front runner for either party but we are starting to signs of who is wanting to run.

You would think that Gov. Romney from Massachusetts and Senator McCain from Arizona would be on the top of the list on the Republican side and the probably are but everyone remembers Howard Deans meltdown in the 2004 campaign.

On the Democrat side, you have the likes of the junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, Possibly Senator Harry Reid from Nevada.

But let us not forget, that over the past 24+ years State Governors have had held the office of president more time than not (Reagan two terms, Clinton two terms, G.W. Bush two terms). So you have to think of Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, Jeb Bush from Florida and Bill Richardson from New Mexico.

If you think 2000 was a fiasco, wait until 2008. More to come…..


Russia and Iran: A love affair

It seems the Russian/Iran love affair has moved to the next step. According to an article on, Russia has delivered the first shipment (not sure how many systems will be delivered) of the Tor-M1 air defense system to Iran. This will assuredly ruffle feathers in Washington and further strain Washington/Moscow relations.

It sure seems to me that, since Iran is buying air defense systems they remember what happened in Iraq when Saddam Hussein tried to build a nuclear reactor. For those of you who do not remember, on June 7th 1981 Israel bombed a French-built nuclear reactor near Baghdad Iraq. The reactor was uranium-powered and could have produced weapons grade uranium.

Israel has always said that if the world community (the U.N.) does not stop Iran’s nuke program then they would, presumably by an air strike, and now that Iran has their new air defense system one of two things are going to happen; Israel will strike Iran’s nuke plants before they are able to put the air defense systems in place, which would have to happen soon since Iran has already taken delivery of the first shipments. The other scenario is that Iran will take delivery of all or most of the systems and place them around the nuke plants thus making it much harder to take out the facilities.

If the world community (U.N.) doesn’t take action and place sanctions on Iran, then we are almost certain to see a rise in tensions in the middle east and that WILL end very badly. The problem with placing sanctions is really not the U.N. ( I can’t believe I am saying that) but the problem is with Russia and China.

Russia and China are two of the five veto holding countries and they can and have vetoed resolutions that call for tough sanctions on Iran. Now we all know the reason for this. Iran is Russia and China’s biggest and best customer when it comes to buying defense items. So Russia and China have a lot to lose if tough monetary and trade sanctions are placed on Iran.

So what do I think is going to happen? If tough sanctions aren’t out in place and ran does in fact build a nuclear weapon, it will be the start of WWIII.


Did the Kremlin do it?

Another outspoken critic of the Kremlin has died under mysteries circumstances. According to an article from Skynews, former KGB and FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko was given a “major dose” of Polonium 210. According to the article, Polonium 210 is only harmful if ingested.

Another article from says Litvinenko believed he became ill on November 1st after meeting with an unknown Russian and a KGB colleague, Andrei Lugovoy, and later he dined with Italian security expert Mario Scaramella to discuss the October murder of Anna Politkovskaya, which he was investigating.

Before he died, Litvinenko blamed Russian President Putin for his condition and told him through a press release, that Putin has silenced him but he will never silence all the voice.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that you don’t want to be a critic of Putin. It appears Putin doesn’t take criticism well.

Everyone knows Putin was from the old school and according to reports I have read over the last year or two (taking away direct election for regional leaders, anti-capitalist prosecutions, keeping a tight hold on the media), it seems like he longs for the days yore where the KGB went to your house and shot you for criticising the party.

I guess only time will tell (maybe) if the Kremlin had anything to do with either of the deaths I have referred but I find it to be one hell of a coincidence that two very harsh critics of the Putin government have been eliminated. HMMMMM!!!!!

Check out the Drudgereport for more details.

It appears that this investigation has now turned into what I would think is a nightmare scenario. According to news reports, 12 site have been identified as having been contaminated and the British are monitoring 26 sites including four British Airways planes two of which were found to have been contaminated. BA has alerted more than 33,000 passengers of the potential contamination.

Now it appears that the plot has thickened (if it hadn’t already). According to a report on Times Online, Mario Scaramella, the Anti-Terror expert from Italy, has tested positive for polonium-210 after being taken to the hospital. The test results show Scaramella had a “significant” amount of polonium-210 in his system, more than he would have received from simple physical contact with Litvinenko. So now The Anti-Terror group in the U.K. are investigating whether or not this could have been a double-murder attempt. In addition to Mr. Scaramella being contaminated, Litvinenko wife has also tested positive. And to add fuel to the fire, former Pro-western Russian premier, Yegor Gaidarhas has also been the victim of ‘unnatural’ poisoning, however, they do not know what kind or how he was poisoned.

As if it needs to be said, but I think we have only heard the beginning of this soap opera.


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Mexican Driver Shoots Tulsa Cop

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